Reflection 10: Adios, EDIT2000!

Before taking EDIT2000, I had never really thought much about technology integration in education. My high school trigonometry teacher used a Smartboard to demonstrate problems and asked us questions using a learner-response device, but that was the extent of my exposure to technology in education. Now, I see that it is a very valuable tool. It is important that teachers expose kids to technology in the classroom to prepare them for our 21st century world. Using technology in the classroom helps keep kids engaged in the material in a way that is interactive, fun, and adds depth to the material! I think that augmented reality apps like ZooBurst could be particularly effective in the classroom and add a new dimension to learning! I hope to become a pediatric speech pathologist, and using technology in therapy sessions can be a great way to keep kids engaged during short weekly therapy sessions. I feel like kids in middle and high school often grow to dislike learning in school because most of their classes are made of lectures and textbooks. Communicating with these kids creatively using photos, videos, and other forms of technology helps keep them engaged and enthusiastic about learning. That being said, technology is a tool for instruction and not the solution- without a great teacher presenting these technology in an effective way to teach the material, they are useless.

EDIT2000 has been an adventure for me! Justine is so sweet and enthusiastic about her subject. I think she is the perfect mix of leniency and discipline, meaning that she could lay down the law when she had to, but she was also very kind and encouraged us to think outside of the box as well. I got to be a lot more creative in this class than I did with my other classes, which were mainly lecture-based.  I looked forward to working on projects and reflections for this class, whereas I dreaded reading and studying for my other classes sometimes. Though I am not an education major, the creativity and communication skills I learned in this class will come in handy once I start my career and beyond.



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