LADS Project Documentation: 11/3-11/10

Our group made a lot of progress during this week. After watching the presentations of other groups, we began to realize just how much more work we had to do and how much more creative we could potentially be with our project. The peer feedback helped us immensely to discover things that we could potentially change with our project- 15 different points of view from all my classmates are definitely more useful than just those of myself and the people in my group! Our group decided that we wanted to make our website more creative and interactive and include more material about why our topic is so essential. After reading the feedback of our peers, our group decided to include testimonials from friends about driving so that students can see the importance of defensive driving from the viewpoint of their peers. We created 2 DMV practice quizzes to serve as an assessment of their knowledge. We are still missing a student product, a technology-related activity, lecture materials, a Student Product, Timeline, and the Reflection, which is a little scary. We will definitely be addressing these issues as a group this week as well as adding to the other features of the website to make it as great as we possibly can!


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