LADS Documentation Documentation: 10/27- 11/2

During the week of October 27 through November 2, our group made some significant progress on our project. We made a video to serve as our Author Introduction to the website. We found a few resources to use for the “Hook” portion of our project, as well as a crossword puzzle with terms that pertain to defensive driving. Our group struggled to find standards to use for our essential question, since driver’s education isn’t a required part of the curriculum in most schools. Thankfully, we found some standards created by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This week, we learned that creating a website like this that teaches readers about a certain topic, engages students, and provides classroom activities that can be used in classrooms around the world is fun, but at the same time a challenging task. At this point in the project, I am both excited and a little intimidated by how much work there is left to do. We have still not done anything for our project’s i+1 Zone, Student Project, Assessment, Timeline, or Reflection.


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