Reflection 7: Stop Animation Informerical

I did my stop animation project on an app called ImageI am a food enthusiast, and I figure that since everyone eats, what could be more useful than an app pertaining to food and its preparation? With this app, users can search for recipes by what ingredients they use or how long they take to prepare. Users can also focus their search on a certain type of dish, such as a salad, main course, or dessert.  The app’s recipes are provided by its many users, so there are a wide range of recipes available using this app.   I think that this app is a great tool to teach someone how to cook a simple recipe. The instructions are very simplistic, and each recipe even comes with extra information such as nutritional information and reviews. I have cooked with my family a few times, but I am by no means an expert chef. I thought the app was very easy to use, and I learned a lot about cooking by using the app to physically cook a dish and by playing around with it to find new recipes.




I think that using these applications is a great way to promote learning in our 21st century world. I think the “Stack the States” app is especially useful to K-12 students.  1605-2-stack-the-statesIn elementary school, I had to learn the geographic location of all the states on a map of the U.S. and all their capitals, and I was bored to tears studying with flashcards and other, more traditional methods. If I had a resource like this in elementary school, I think I would have enjoyed that part of my education much more! This app is especially fun to use because it is a competition! The Oxford Picture Dictionary app seem as if it would be very useful to students as well as they complete reading assignments in their classes or write papers. I think that an app like this in another language could be incredibly useful. As a Spanish minor, I am always running into new words in Spanish that I don’t know, so such an app would be very convenient!

I totally underestimated how challenging making a stop animation video would be! My partner Morgan and I discovered that we could not put our video in Youtube due to the copyright attached to the song we used, which was a bit stressful. I was also unfamiliar with using iMovie, so it was a bit frustrating to use. However, we still had a lot of fun, and it was very satisfying to see our final project come together. I would recommend taking as many pictures as you can while making a stop animation video to make sure that the movements in your video are smooth and continuous. I would also make sure to start the project early because doing the final editing on a video is very time-consuming.

oreo balls


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4 thoughts on “Reflection 7: Stop Animation Informerical

  1. I really like the visuals in your post. They really help the post to appeal to the viewer. The app you used is cool too “I am a enthusiast, and I figure that since everyone eats, what could be more useful than an app pertaining to food and its preparation?” — I completely agree with this.

  2. I agree with you that the stop animation was much more challenging than I thought it would be! It seemed like a simple project, but it really took a lot of time and effort to make it a fully developed video. Great post, keep up the good work!
    P.S. I love y’alls stop animation video about the recipe app. Very creative!

    • Thank you! I thought that your group’s animation video was really good too! I thought it was great that there was an actual kid in your video, so that the viewers can see how the app is used in real life. It was a pretty involved project, especially since I didn’t know anything about making videos before doing this project!

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