Horizon Report

I agree with the trends listed in the report, more or less. One of the trends listed is that the education paradigm is shifting to include online learning methods. When I was in high school, there were several classes that were instructed completely online. byodMy friends who took these classes agreed that these classes allowed them to have more flexible schedules and gave them an opportunity to gain digital skills. However, it was hard for many of them to learn without face-to-face interactions with their peers and teachers. I have also had several teachers take advantage of social media in the classroom. During my senior year of high school, my Anatomy and Philosophy teacher created a Twitter account to use exclusively for the class. She would tweet links pertaining to our material and reminders of when assignments were due for our class. It was definitely easier for students to check their Twitter account rather than using old-fashioned methods to remember due dates such as day planners and calendars. The “Bring Your Own Device” policy of some schools described in the report is quite different from my high school’s technology policy. Students were not allowed to use mobile devices during class, and they were never used as a tool for learning. I think that this policy can be quite advantageous as long as students are given a definite list of do’s and don’ts concerning their mobile devices.

Implementing personalized learning is less of a challenge in the field I hope to enter, speech therapy, than it is in a classroom setting.speech Speech therapists usually work one-on-one with students, so sessions can be adjusted to the needs of specific students. However, in a class of 15 to 30 students, this can be quite a challenge. For example, my 14-year-old brother is a very visual learner, but almost all of his classes are taught only by lecture. Additionally, there is not a great amount of technology available to promote differentiated instruction. This challenge can perhaps be overcome in a classroom setting by allowing students to choose between several different learning activities that are suitable to their learning needs.

I find the idea of open education materials to be very intriguing. Currently, both college students and K-12 schools have to pay for information resources such as textbooks and databases like Encyclopedia Britannica. I lost points on several assignments for not using authoritative online resources. Nowadays, since information is so easy to access, the notion of authoritative resources is changing. It would be helpful for my speech therapy clients to have easy access to the information and activities in their speech therapy sessions at home. I hope to implement open education materials into my therapy.


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6 thoughts on “Horizon Report

  1. I definitely agree with you when you say that it is difficult for students to learn with technology without having face to face feedback from instructors and peers. However, I also think technology can do more help than harm in this case. Technology makes access to materials easier for students, and allows for them to learn from almost anywhere. So, maybe a compromise could be if there was a mainly online learning classroom, they could still meet once or twice a week to ask questions and get help in person from their instructor and fellow students.

    • I agree that a mix of technology and face-to-face interaction is probably the best combination for effective learning. That way, students benefit from the use of technology as well as interactions with their teachers and peers. Thank you for your thoughtful comment!

  2. I definitely agree with what you said about how learning with technology can be difficult for students because they miss the face to face interactions and reactions from their instructor and fellow students. However, I believe that technology can be more helpful than hurtful when it comes to learning. Technology allows for students to have access to many different materials, and it also allows them to learn from almost anywhere. I think a compromise to this issue would be for an online classroom to meet, either over skype or in a traditional classroom setting, once or twice a week for students to be able to have those face to face interactions with their teacher and other students.

    • I agree that technology gives students access to materials that would be nearly impossible to obtain all at once using more traditional communication methods. It is a very interesting point that online classes can meet via Skype rather than meeting at some location in person. That way, the members of a class don’t necessarily need to all be in the same geographic location. Again, thank you for the interesting and thought-provoking comment!

  3. I think that using devices in the classroom can definitely be beneficial! Some students, however, would still not be able to pay attention due to texting and social media. I guess that’s just a consequence of using technology in the classroom these days!

    • It is certainly hard in this age to use technology either entirely for work or entirely for fun! I think that using devices in the classroom can be very beneficial, especially for shy students who do not participate in group discussions. I think it is something worth exploring in the classroom!

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