Learning Reflection

My brain has changed and developed over past years, and my learning has thus changed accordingly. As a child, I learned best by observing others doing things and copying them. For example when I was in kindergarten, my teacher tried to explain to me how use addition and subtraction signs in math problems. I was very confused until my teacher told me to simply watch one of my classmates do a problem on the board. Suddenly, it all clicked for me. Observing others is still a helpful tool for me in my learning, but as I have grown and matured, I have branched out into other learning methods too. I am mainly a tactile learner. I learn best by doing things and later receiving feedback from an instructor on my performance and how I can improve. I use technology more in my learning now than I did as a child because I have a better understanding of it, and adults trust me to use their technological devices more now than when I was a child.

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Technology has been a valuable tool for me in my learning. Smart boards are one of my favorite classroom tools because I like their interactive features. They were especially helpful to me in my high school calculus class. My teacher’s Smart board allowed him to show the class multiple examples of math problems in an easy and accessible way. Blogging was helpful to me in many of my classes as well. In my ENGL1102 class, my professor created a Blogger account in which she would post discussion questions, and everyone was required to post a response and comment on other classmate’s responses. This was a helpful tool to me because I could see everyone’s different views on the discussion topic. Online homework, such as the J Exam program used in my CHEM1211 class, was very helpful because it gave you feedback on whether your answers were right or wrong and explained how to solve the problems.


Other forms of technology were not as helpful in my learning and tended to confuse me. When teachers show videos in class, my mind tends to drift because there is no interaction involved. These videos were also often off-topic from the main focus of the class, so I really had no motivation to pay attention. In my CHEM1211 lecture, each student had to purchase a clicker and use it to submit answers to online quizzes. These clickers were not very helpful. Quizzes were stressful because the clickers often didn’t work. It was also very easy for other students to cheat off one another in clicker quizzes, which is not beneficial to learning.

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2 thoughts on “Learning Reflection

  1. The first post is very authentic and genuine. I like the way you incorporated your college experiences with ENGL 1102 and CHEM 1211 into your learning reflection. I also like the different colors that you used but if you could find a way to bring it all together and somehow add something to the background, I think it would be a little more aesthetically pleasing.

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